Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Blank Comic Books - a publishing empire begins

I mentioned that, while I was at Meanwhile Comic Con in Coventry, Tony Lee had insisted I start writing crime novels. His experience being that, if you self publish a series on Amazon KDP, you can make a killing. So I started doing the artwork I had to get on with and, while doing so, listened to Youtube videos with tips on writing crime drama. Then I got distracted.

I got distracted by a Youtuber telling us all how much money could be made publishing two things: Halloween colouring books and blank comic books. So, figuring that those would be quicker to knock out than a 70,000 word novel would be, I did just that.

I took the comic covers I've drawn for kids at schools and turned them into two volumes of Halloween Colouring Books. I also made four Blank Comic Books of slightly different designs. Here's how they're faring after a week online.

Halloween Colouring Book £6.74 - 10 copies sold

Halloween Col Book 2 £6.50 - 0 copies sold

Halloween Colouring 1 & 2 Hardback - 0 copies sold

Super Blank Comic Book £3.99 - 2 copies sold

Action Blank Comic Book £6.37 - 3 copies sold

Halloween Blank Comic Book £6.37 - 1 copy sold

Cute Blank Comic Book - 0 copies sold

And then I listened to this Youtube video about making colouring books....

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