Sunday, 8 February 2009

Guinness World Record joke telling attempt for Comic Relief

I've been asked by my local BBC to attempt the Guinness World Record telling most jokes in an hour. 600 one liners. I'm going to go for it. So, unlike Tim Vine (former record holder) who had 8 hours of self-penned one liners to choose from, I don't. I have maybe five minutes of one liners from 10 years as a stand up, the rest of my stuff being longer stories or, most recently, sketches songs and dialogues.

So the thought is to collect gags from the general public, and my thought is to do it via Twitter. Since Twitter posts are limited to 140 characters, gags must de facto be short enough to fit the bill. Just hope they don't all turn out to be Tim Vine gags.

At last night's gig I met Barry Cryer but failed to get a starting gag from him. Must remember to miss more obvious opportunities like that more often.

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