Saturday, 7 November 2009

Raiders of the lost Pitch Fests

Every week at the Sitcom Trials I read out the audience Twitter-length suggestions for sitcoms in The Pitch Fest. However I seem to have lost the pile of Pitch Fest entries I've been hanging onto week after week. This is a great shame, as the ones from earlier weeks were standing me in good stead, especially in the 6 o'clock show.

So, two requests. First, can anyone remember any of the Pitch Fests I've read out in the last three weeks? Remind me, here or offline, and I'll jot them down for Monday.

And secondly, anyone got any fresh entries? They're good for a laugh, and frankly the only thing that gets a laugh in some links. Your assistance welcomed.

Here the only ones I can remember:

The Eye Tea Crowd - Office workers ogle the drinks machine.
Awkward Silence - Holocaust deniers open a library in Golders Green
The Good Liff: John Lloyd brings new meaning to Surbiton

Also in Heat 3 we had Pitch Fests entitled Twats, Trump and Thick as Shit. So, better than that is what I'm saying. See you all Monday.

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1 comment:

Peter More said...

Cyrus de Milo - A singer with no arms but a famous dad tries to make it big.
Shaft - Rod Shaft is a tall, thin, Polish mining engineer with a sex addiction. (I think I'm remembering this one.)

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