Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Kibworth, on the telly

Although everyone knows me as coming from Aberdeen, they're all aware of the fact that I lost my Scottish accent at a very young age. This is because I moved to Leicestershire at the age of three, and from the age of six lived in a village called Kibworth, which is where my parents still reside.

None of which is of the slightest interest to anyone, until tonight when Kibworth becomes the subject of a TV series on BBC4, and my Mum's in it. Hers is possibly not a major role, but the village's is. The show, by Michael Wood, looks at British history as it can be traced through the history of Kibworth itself.

Amazingly I get no mention, neither does our legendary rock band Walter Tottle - surely the greatest musicians ever to pass through Kibworth (except, maybe, Simon Parks who wrote the theme to Van Der Valk, and Gay Bykers On Acid, who did quite well back in the day).

Here, should you need reminding of our brilliance, is the fantastic Walter Tottle in our heyday. Details of the BBC show are here.

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