Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Socks for the Hugo Awards

How flattering is this? The Bay Area Science Fiction Association has drawn up its list of recommendations for the Hugo Awards, Science Fiction's most prestigious accolade, and the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre have made the list.

Read it and comment here.

Here's that list in full. Good company, eh?

Those are the initials of the club members making recommendations.

Being Human: "Episode 2.6: AJF
Being Human: "Episodes 2.7 & 2.8" (two-parter): AJF
Community: "Epidemiology": CJG
Doctor Who at the Proms (Concert): AJF, DC
Doctor Who: "A Christmas Carol": AJF, CAD, CJG, CMO, EL, JOH, KR, MYS, SN
Doctor Who: "Vincent & The Doctor": ATT, BJH, CMO, JOH, KP, KR, LDH, MYS
F*ck Me, Ray Bradbury: BJH, DSM, JOH, SN
Flash Forward: "Future Shock": DSM
Flash Forward: "Garden of Forking Paths": DSM
Fringe: "Over There" parts 1/2: DSM, MMY, RM
Ghost Whisperer: "On Thin Ice" 4/2/10: AJF
Medium: "Allison Rolen Got Married" 3/12/10: AJF
Medium: "An Everlasting Love" 1/8/10: AJF
Medium: "The Match Game" 10/1/10: AJF
Medium: "The People in Your Neighborhood" 11/19/10: AJF
Scottish Falsetto Sock Theatre: "Doctor Who End of Time" parts 1-3: BJH, CJG, JEM, KP, KPR, MAS, MYS
Smallville: "Absolute Justice": MMY
South Park: "Insheeption": DC, DWG
Supernatural: "Swan Song": MMY
The Lost Thing: CMM

And here's the recommended film itself (part 1 of 3):

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