Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sawing A Sock In Half

Thanks to Alexandra 'Austin' Muirhead, who'd travelled all the way from Canada to be in the audience for the Scottish Falsetto Socks' show at the Glagsow Britannia, we now have a glimpse on camera for the first time of our legendary Sawing A Sock In Half routine.

The Socks touring gigs have been going well, with ups and downs with audiences (ilton Keynes diasppointingly low, Stafford, Stroud, Leicester, Redditch & Glasgow all good, with some of the best door takings of any tour so far. Let's hope this weekend at far-flung Banchory delivers the goods. This week also sees two ghost gigs, Theatr Breicheiniog which should have been tonight but was an error in my diary (now happening in the Autumn) and Bristol Thunderbolt which was a double booking on their part.

Coming up soon is Leicester Square Theatre London. I must get everyone in the TV industry invited. I guess that's one of today's tasks. Onwards and upwards.

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