Sunday, 17 February 2013

Socks vid figures & recent tweets

The Socks have been making lots of videos so far this year. Some of which are getting healthy viewing figures, by our standards. Here, as of today's date, is 2013's Top 12. Let's see how they fare as the year goes on.

Top 20 Horse Meat Gags - Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre   49,346 (22/2/13: 50,019)
Pope Resigns - Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre   2344 (22/2/13: 2,599)
The Eden Hazard Song - Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre   940
Where Am I Now? - David Bowie (Socks remix)   803
Bowie at 66 - Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre  664
Where's Captain Kirk? - Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre    619
Richard The Third, Scottish Falsetto Socks live in Leicester  611
Top 10 Snow Gags - Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre   603
Scottish Falsetto Socks in Malta Feb 2 & 3   537
One Pound Fish - Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre   500
Burke & Hare - Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre   484
Blockbuster - Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre  420

I've not been keeping much of a diary of late, while busying myself with Socks shows, schools and the boring business at my desk. So here are some of my tweets of recent weeks, for the record.

Jan 24  You might like this, The Eden Hazard Song Any chance of a RT?
Jan 24   A timely look at kids-oriented US comics and how they, too, are getting cancelled Superman Family Adventures RIP
Jan 24
Once again, causes Twitter to speak with one voice:
Jan 24 That moment when you find yourself laughing aloud at a New Yorker cartoon (Maybe you have to read a few)
 Jan 25  Funniest thing this year, Bad Lip Reading of the Presidential Inauguration
Jan 27  I'm trying to do an illustration of some dummy ammunition. I'm drawing a blank.
Jan 27 Have just discovered the genius that is Dresden Codak Am I late to the party or this stuff new to anyone else? Love it.
Jan 28  Policeman just told me I can trip over half a dozen times in an episode. He was reading my Miranda rights  
Jan 30  Watching Mad Men series 5, got one episode to go. This is the most amazing TV writing ever. Ever.
Feb 1 We're in Malta. It's sunny & lovely, no gig till tomorrow. Our hosts James & Erin @wembleystoreboys are the best  
Feb 5 Socks play Leicester Comedy Festival Fri, Sat + Sun matinee 1st preview of new Socks In Space stuff + Boo! Book now
Feb 8 Search "Leicester Comedy" on Twitter, you find comedians plugging their shows. No punters, just comics. All on at 7.30  
Feb 8  And this would be our lamest listing this month: "A comedy duo for adults that consists of two musical sock puppets"  
Feb 8  Just take all these gags and insert the words Findus Lasagne You're welcome (We're at this weekend btw)
Feb 9 Richard The Third, Scottish Falsetto Socks live in Leicester: via  
Feb 9 Hev just asked a very interesting question: Since there are far fewer horses than cattle and that they cost so...  
Feb 9  Best sentence read today: "It is legal to slaughter horses for human consumption so long as they have a valid passport"  
Feb 9 Who fans = best ballot stuffers ever. A DVD extra is Best Show Ever? Doctor Who Confidential best BBC3 show  
Feb 10 Just discovered The Aquabats Super Show on ITV. Reassured to find it's taken them 19 years to get here ! Hope for us yet
Feb 10 Kung Hei Fat Boy (that's Happy New Year to all the Sumo wrestlers out there)
Feb 10 Is one of them Black Butey? 9000 dead horses exported to Europe for food, some contaminated with bute  
Feb 10 Argo's won a ? Well we bought a kettle there last month and it's shit.
Feb 10 Ben Affleck's beard just reminded me, we're missing Mr Selfridge  
Feb 10  Jeremy Renner = Noel Edmonds shaved  
Feb 11  My was 4 Asterix books, free with Total petrol (Legionary, Gladiator, Cleopatra & Big Fight). Whizzer & Chips didn't compare
Feb 11 Attacks by dogs in the UK (2008) was 496 Attacks by foxes = one. The solution is to cull all dogs.
Feb 11 Dalek Kung Fu? I'm loving this Dalek CGI comic strip Second Empire by  
Feb 11 Garage just told me what they're about to do to my car. I said, whoa, spoiler alert.
Feb 11 Sales for Socks in Glasgow are doing well - Fri & Sat beating 2 Leics pre-sales already Thurs poor. What, school night?
Feb 12  Why do I find myself mistrusting "leading Romanian food company based in Transylvania"? That's Transylvaniaist.  
Feb 12 But how am I going to do business on eBay now?  
Feb 12 Hooray! I have one of the top 10% most viewed profiles for 2012. I have no idea what that means, but bless.
Feb 12  Friend online tweeted he's had a strip from 1991 optioned for a film. It reminded me of this classic. Any takers?  
Feb 12 We're on 999 likes. Go on, you know you wanna  
Feb 12  Have had to explain why I was laughing so loudly. At this: Bad Lip Reading "Trick The Bridesmaid"
Feb 13 A week late, here's Kraftwerk doing The Troggs Tape (made 5 years ago, forgot about it last week)  
Feb 13 If you're on Reddit, do please give the Socks' Pope sketch a vote Thanks (and RT if you'd be so kind)
Feb 13 Want a 1948 news clip that begins with a severed horse's head? Try THE HORSEMEAT SCANDAL - British Pathé  
Feb 13  We're available for any TV gigs Robin Ince doesn't want Happy 2B "smears of bacteria in petri dish of TV list shows"

Feb 14 Speaking as someone who visits libraries to teach comics and encourage kids to read and >>  
>>in some cases, to simply keep them off the street, I can say to Terry Deary that libraries >  
> I can say to Terry Deary that libraries don't just exist to take money from his millionaire pockets  
Feb 14 Happy Valentines Day from the Scottish Falsetto Socks A romantic video treat
Feb 14 Did not spot BBC Question Time in the Leicester Comedy Festival programme.  
Feb 14 Did George. Galloway learn. To speak by. Listening to Captain. Kirk?  
Feb 15 Laughing out loud at Great Night Out. A brilliant series (with bloody awful title which made us miss at 1st it thinking it was a game show)
Feb 16  Booking tickets for Glasgow Comedy Festival? Don't forget yer Socks  

Feb 16 Grrr Radio2 Top 100 Album Vote You get to chose between your less favourite Bowie, Beatles, & Michael Jackson albums
Feb 16 Watching on BBC2 we'd like to point out that we were watching on BBC2. On a Saturday night.  

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