Friday 15 March 2013

I Flushed My Magical Penguin Down The Toilet - more comics by kids

Another busy week teaching kids how to do comics, ooh it's hard work. And what have they come up with..? (Click to enlarge)

These comic book covers (and you can see a glimpse of a few of the kids strips and their caricatures - did I mention every kid goes away from my Comic Art Masterclasses with a comic containing a strip by each of them plus their individual caricatures?) - come from schools in Weston Super Mare. That's right, just a week-full of schools in Weston Super-Mare (or to be more precise Worle, which is a town in its own right, which everyone very cruelly thinks of as a bit of Weston but it's not). 3 days at Worle Community College and 2 days in 4 primary schools. A busy old week. And who did they come up with in the old "celebrity treads on a worm" routine, when I ask them to name a celebrity? See below...

This week's celebrities were Keith Lemon, Ed Sheeran, Elvis Presley, Selena Gomez, Harry Styles (three times), Michael Jackson, Simon Cowell, and Lionel Messi. No great surprises from this week's years 4 - 7s, bless them, they were all lovely.

If you're developing a taste for this kind of thing, there's a whole archive of Comic Art Masterclass comics on my website, including these choice examples and many more...

The Bean Men - Feb 2013
Aquatic Owls vs The Moon - Dec 2012
The Hairy Bottom - July 2012
Kid Afro Spaghetti - June 2012
Fartimouse Owl - May 2012
I ❤ Gingers - May 2012
Help I'm A Superhero Get Me Out Of Here - April 2012

If anyone wants me to come and show their kids how to do what I've been doing for a living for the last two decades in my patent Comic Art Masterclasses, drop me a line, a comment, a Twitter, smoke signals, the usual methods. Click below to see more, including video and contact details.

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