Sunday, 18 October 2015

Fat Pig Unicorn Bat - more comics by kids

Again with the Unicorns. What is it with kids and unicorns this year? Two of the six comics produced by kids in my Comic Art Masterclasses this week have unicorns in the title. This pair come from two primary schools in Cowes on the Isle of Wight where I worked, courtesy of the Isle of Wight Literary Festival.

Indeed this year's diary has been liberally studded with visits to Literary Festivals, this pair coming from my second day at the Isle Of Wight festival and a class at the Thame literary festival the previous weekend. I don't remember working at literary festivals before this year. Then, at some point at the end of last year, I made myself known to all the festivals I found on a list online somewhere, and suddenly I've found myself appearing everywhere from Nairn to Snape and many points inbetween. I was supposed to do one in Glasgow on my birthday, but had to cancel because there weren't flights at the right time. And they seems to like my classes at these festivals, which can't be bad.

And just to prove how much I love early hours and ridiculous amounts of travelling, these two comics come from schools in Belfast. So this week's travels saw me driving to Harrogate for a Socks gig on Tuesday, flying to Belfast and back on Thursday, getting home at 11 at night, then waking at 3am on Friday to drive to Southampton and catch the Isle Of Wight Ferry (this, contrary to the joke, is no longer brown, steams, and comes out of Cowes backwards. It's now red, which either spoils the joke or makes it much more disgusting), then getting to my first school at 8.30. Crash crash busy busy work work bang bang, as they say nowhere.

The celebs this lot chose to tread on a worm in my demonstration strip were Simon Cowell (twice), Katy Perry, Kim Jong Un, Daniel Craig and William Shakespeare. (As a sideline to which, as you can see above, when they're asked which Doctor Who I should draw, they hardly ever ask for Peter Capaldi, but are fairly evenly split between wanting Matt Smith and David Tennant. I don't keep accurate enough records of that.)

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