Friday, 22 July 2016

Norwich to Newcastle & all points NSEW - my July Travels

Coffee and a Tardis. One of these things I have, one of these I could use more of on my travels.

How many miles? I can't begin to imagine. But here's what Kev F's travels in July look like already.

Having driven back from Hexham on the last day of June, I was straight off to Romsey the following day. Then to Norwich where Hev and I stayed over for two nights while I did art classes there on the Saturday.

To Derby where the Socks did an afternoon Sunday show, and home. Then, after a day in the studio, to Birmingham for classes. Then I have half my Wednesday wasted by a school (local luckily) who's invited me in to sort out my DBS certificate, which will then stand me in stead for all my other schools, then they can't do it cos they'd forgotten I was coming and haven't got time to do it. I have one day in my office, and they waste half of it. Thankyou, school that shall remain nameless, but is local and I'll have done 3 days there this term.

If it's Thursday it must be The Sitcom Trials in Dalston, then on Friday it's the Socks in Dartmouth. Saturday is the Sitcom Trials in Birminghham, and on Sunday the Socks doing an afternoon show in Tring. And home.

And first thing Monday morning I get the 7am flight to Newcastle (not cancelled this time, thankfully), in order to spend half a day on a boat doing a class for The Beano.

Tuesday, a day in the office, Wednesday get the car serviced and get the Socks' Edinburgh poster artworked while I'm at Robins & Day waiting to pick it up.

Thursday, Socks in Harborough, staying over with Mum. Friday and Saturday, making the three hour dash to the Latitude Festival in Suffolk, having not know when my classes started, schlepping a flipchart up hill and down dale, then sweltering in a tent for some strenuous but enjoyable classes. Overnight in Lowestoft inbetween (what, you thought I'd be camping? In these shoes?)

Then from day 2 at Latitude to stay again with Mum in Kibworth (thus missing the Cardiff Sitcom Trials, the only one of the 6 Heats that I couldn't make it to). Sunday morning I zoom from Kibworth to Sheffield for a Socks afternoon show, then to Manchester for a 6.30 Socks show, followed by the Sitcom Trials at 8.30. Yes, three shows in a day. Followed by the drive home to Clevedon, getting in at 1.45am.

Then three luxurious days without any travel, oh the luxury - including two of the hottest days of the year, which I actually got the chance to take advantage of. Got the artwork for the back of the Socks Edinburgh flyer done, sat out in the park.

Thursday to Barnes where I did a Comic Art Masterclass in the afternoon followed by a Socks show in the evening, both good (and apparently Alistair MacGowan was in the crowd and liked the show, which is nice.) Hev and I stayed over in Richmond, at the lovely Richmond Hill Hotel, where I'm typing this. Tonight the Socks in Bedford, tomorrow the Sitcom Trials in Glasgow. Monday half a day class in Yeovil, Tuesday & Wednesday, classes in a local school, Thursday the Socks in Bristol, Friday an art class in Porthcawl followed by the Socks' final Edfringe Preview in Blaenavon.

It's looking like Edinburgh will be marginally more restful than the month leading up to it. It's good to be busy.

To recap, that's: Hexham, Romsey, Norwich, Derby, Birmingham, Backwell, Dalston, Dartmouth, Birmingham, Tring, Newcastle, Bristol, Market Harborough, Latitude, Lowestoft, Kibworth, Sheffield, Manchester, Barnes, Bedford, Glasgow, Yeovil, Backwell, Bristol, Porthcawl, Blaenavon and next stop Edinburgh.

July 17 - Greater Manchester Fringe , Kings Arms Salford 7pm
July 21 - Barnes Fringe
July 22 - Bedford Fringe
July 28 - The Lansdown, Clifton, Bristol - NEW DATE ADDED
July 30 - Blaenavon Rhymney Brewery 
Aug 3 - 29 - 10.30pm The Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh Fringe  

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