Friday, 3 February 2017

Feck News - and other trivia

I went on one of those Speak Your Weight machines. It said "2 decibels, 5 decibels, minus 3 decibels". I thought, that speaks volumes.

"Dave, can you redesign our tour logo in the style of - "

David Hockney: "Nailed it."

A t shirt design I did for a charity event the Chapple family will be doing in Edinburgh in August.

Just heard a story about Father Jack. Feck News.

So how come we see here 5 US satirical comedy shows, and we don't have one? You do realise the USA's population is only 5 times the size of ours, not 50? So they get Colbert, Noah, Myers & Fallon every night, with Samantha Bee weekly, and we get Have I Got News For You every few months, scheduled to run inbetween good news stories and always at exactly the same time as The News Quiz? Come on BBC (other broadcasters are available, but really?). Oh yeah and also, apparently, they don't get irony.

Everyone saying I'm not wearing eye make-up. It's Bowling Green Mascara.

For all of us hoping for Olivia Colman to be the next Doctor, it'd be a good idea to look at her trophy shelf. If she signed up for as long as Peter or Matt did, she'd be turning down the chance of another Golden Globe (win + 5 noms in other awards, for The Night Manager); a BAFTA, an RTS, a Crime Thriller Awards and a Press Guild Awards (4 wins + 5 noms, for Broadchurch); and those are just recent ones, being nudged off the mantlepiece by 15 other Winners trophies from everything from Sundance to Monte Carlo and back. And she still has to nab a Big One - yes, that elusive Comedy Award that she's been nominated for three times and still not taken home. Oh, and an Oscar, she'll want one of those. (Photo via DoctorWhoTV)

When Goebbels' secretary dying at the age of 108 is trending on Twitter you know you can dial the Celeb Death Alert down a peg.

You hear the phrase "We hope this year's Eurovision song will change all that" almost as often as "this Woody Allen film is his best since..."

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