Sunday, 19 March 2017

Chicks, Zombies & Land Whales - comics by kids

I must say this week's selection of comics by schoolkids are all a bit dark. Deadpool, Gangsters, Zombies, Ninjas and Great Battles, all from kids in years 5 & 6 (and one mixed bag of all ages). Whatever, they've been good fun. And look, here's my second class of Welsh speakers in a week, this time in Caerphilly.

As I may have mentioned before, the most often mis-spelled phrase I ever see in primary schools is Zombie Apocalypse. Why it never comes up in year 5 spelling tests I don't know. I've seen some lovely guesses at how to spell it over the years. Likewise Ninja, which will regularly appear with a G, or without a middle N (a combination that, you can imagination, has to go totally unremarked-upon and quietly corrected when it pops up). This bunch from Blakesley Hall Primary in Birmingham.

This last cover comes from a day at Prema Arts centre in Uley, Gloucestershire where, rather than letting me do my usual two classes in a day, they insisted I do one day-long class. Lots of padding towards the end, but it went beautifully and sent away 28 satisfied customers. A good job, as they'd been charge a record-breaking £30 for the privilege. (No, I wasn't on a door-split. Yes, I should have been shouldn't I?) They had, to be fair, expecting only a dozen kids to apply. They hadn't reckoned with one kid and his mother coming all the way from Oxfordshire. It's nice to be popular.

The celebrities these classes chose to appear in my demonstration strip were Katy Perry, Johnny Depp, Ant McPartlin, Harry Hill (making a return after a drought of appearances - he used to be all over these classes in the TV Burp days) and, making his debut as far as I can recall, Chris Packham.

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