Thursday, 25 May 2017

Donald Trump Sucks - comics by primary school kids

A wee bit of travelling for this week's visits to schools, taking me up to Southport in Merseyside for two days at Bank St Stephens primary. I effectively taught the entire school, doing an assembly to the whole lot of them, then classes with the years 3 to 6s (of whom there are only 3 groups, the school being that small), then an afternoon spent just doing caricatures of every single pupil in the school, from reception (who are as hard to draw as puppy dogs, by the way, you try keeping them still), through years 1 and 2. I don't think I've drawn an entire school before. Skills to pay the bills.

It's interesting to see the titles the kids choose for their comics, and tracing a slight maturity as we ascend through the years. So year 3/4 choose Sweet Mania, year 4/5 choose The Teacher With The Big Head, and year 6 give us Donald Trump Sucks. Giving me the opportunity to draw the highly topical "orb of evil" picture from yesterday's news, for which many thanks.

You can usually predict that, when a school has something rural in its name, that it'll be on a council estate. Words to look out for are Farm and Wood. Thus we find Fair Furlong Primary in Bristol, a lovely bunch of kids whose year 6 pupils had classes with me this week. Hello must take the prize as least inspiring title of the month, though I can hardly talk. Look at my cover for Capoop and compare it with Sweet Mania, above. Coming to the end of a cold all week and still feeling rather drained, you can see I pretty well phoned in these covers (drawn during the class, as ever, so it's amazing I ever get anything better drawn. But I usually do.)

The celebrities these five classes chose for my demonstration strip were Donald Trump, Simon Cowell (twice, he's making a comeback), Keith Lemon, and The Queen.

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