Thursday 19 October 2017

Adventures Of Balzac Man - new comics by kids

When it comes to inexplicable titles, if there's a contest for that sort of thing when kids are coming up with names for the comic they take away at the end of one of my Comic Art Masterclasses, then The Adventures Of Balzac Man has to be in with a flying chance. The kid who wrote it down had no double entendre in mind, spelled it exactly that way, and (I can guarantee) had never heard of Honore De Balzac. So. Meanwhile, I snuck V For Vendetta into a title with "Guy" in. My class, my rules.

These comics are the fruits of two days at the Isle Of Wight Literary Festival, into which I managed to squeeze four schools. You're right, he has the skills to pay the bills. These from Studio School, at which yr 6 pupils from Holy Cross were the class, and from St Thomas of something RC Primary. The ones above are from the sweetly spelled Hunny Hill and St Francis. 4 schools, 2 days, that's all you need to remember.

And two lovely comics from Widewell primary near Plymouth, where they put Mrs Kerr on the cover last time (memo to self: insert link here) and did the same again today.

The celebrities these classes chose for my demonstration strip were Donald Trump (twice), Taylor Swift, Barack Obama, Cristiano Ronaldo and (most original of the week), Youtuber Jake Paul. Me neither.


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