Monday, 28 September 2020

Socks Hallo Ian Special Oct 30 + New Material Night videos

The Scottish Falsetto Socks are delighted to announce their next live show on Zoom: October 30th 8pm, The Hallo Ian Special. And, for the very first time, they have a guest on the show, the one and only Dean Friedman!

Dean has been welcoming the Socks as guests on his DeanZine LiveStream shows since April, indeed he's responsible for getting them back to work after the lockdown struck. The Socks have delivered a string of songs, many of them world premieres, on his Sunday night shows, and even co-hosted his day long virtual Song Fest at the end of August. So nothing could give us greater pleasure than being able to return the compliment by inviting our favourite singer-songwriter to appear on our little show.

At time of writing, I've already written the first bit of new material for the show, so let's see if inspiration keeps flowing for the next month. You can be sure, from that title, that there's one classic bit of material that'll be getting an airing.

Meanwhile we had a great turnout for our New Material Night on Friday Sept 25th, thanks to everyone who came. Below are video clips of some of the material that made up the night. The running order was:

Poetry Olympics
I'm A Sock
The Covids and What Kind Of...? (Song) - brand new, v good
Art gags
What Scotland Has Made (new version)
French Revolution

Plague (Song)  - brand new v good
History Of The Plague - brand new long section, v good
Anti Vax (Song) - brand new, good end to section
Covid Rally - brand new, okay
Rock Against Covid (Song) - brand new, good (but will date fast)
Improv section - obviously new, v good, but you had to be there

Story Of The Beatles, ending in Back In EDIN-Braw (new version)

Keen eyed Socks watchers will realise a lot of the show wasn't brand new, but was stuff we were trying out as possible parts of a future live show. We'd done a lot of these pieces in Leicester in Feb, after which development of the new show was put on hold. The best and most satisfying stretch was the brand new Plague and Covid material in the middle, which, coupled with the Improv, added up to half the show's running time. The Beatles turned out to be a bit of an anticlimactic ending, which I did again because it had gone so well live in February. It's curious to have gags that are based on the laughter that arises from the audience knowing what the next line is going to be (variations on John Lennon's Imagine, in that case), and see how they're rendered a bit empty when the audience are silent. Our Zoom crowd are very good at un-muting themselves to give a big laugh, but mostly avoid doing that in the middle of a routine. A fun show, enjoy the clips, see you in October.

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