Thursday, 16 April 2009

Comics by kids - who's best? You decide

My Comic Art Masterclass takes me the length and breadth of the country, teaching kids the fine art of comic strip. By the end of a morning or afternoon session they've produced a comic that they take home with them, along with a caricature by me of every single one of their hideous little faces. This past few weeks has been jam-packed with classes, and I must say the quality of their work has been fantastic. But whose comics have been best? You decide.

Here are a couple of comics by kids in Hemel Hempstead library. Here I've also shown the back covers, where I collect up their caricatures. I don't usually upload them this way cos, frankly, seen one kids face drawn in one-minute-flat, seen em all. But this gives you a taste of what they do. I would show you their actual strips from inside the comic, but life's too short. You'll have to settle for enjoying their contributions to each front cover. The titles are all their creations, and they each added something to the illustration.

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