Monday, 27 April 2009

Socks Comics - 2nd printing available now!

Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Comic -

Fresh off the presses a second printing of the Socks debut comic! 64 fun packed pages of their best comedy sketches, adapted and illustrated by Kev F out of The Beano.

Featuring the Socks' unique version of Romeo and Juliet, their interpretations of the TV classics Torchwood, Primeval and Life On Mars, a lecture on Deforestation, a study of the concept of Halloween, a fun colouring game for all the family and much much more, all lovingly contained between glossy full colour paperback covers. Contains some mild sweary words (but no Fs or Cs).*

Only £3.99 including postage to UK ($6 inc postage to US). Paypal to (don't forget to include your name and address when you pay).

* PS. Obviously the book contains the letter F and the letter C, in the context of other words. It'd be a pretty rubbish book that managed to avoid those two letters of the alphabet entirely. Think about it, they're in SO many words. We've just used 17 Fs and 28 Cs writing this advert alone. They're only worth a point each in Scrabble, for God's sake. they're positively ubiquitous. But you know what we mean. This book contains no "eff"s and no "cee"s. No effing and jeffing, that's what we're saying.

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