Saturday, 9 May 2009

Comic Expo 09

First night in Bristol Comic Expo bar went well. Noticeably fewer people but still most of the usual suspects. I was a real lightweight, wasn't drinking, and chatted to Mark Buckingham, Boo Cook & Gemma, the Fegredos, the brothers Goodman, Gio Spinella, Pete Renshaw, Budgie, Cassie 'Eagles' Conroy, Tony Lee, Laura Howell, Vicky & Richmond from Hi-Ex Inverness and a few other confabs that went even more fleetingly. Tonight I'll be taking a taxi and drinking, should be a different kettle. Have since seen some 3am photos and it doesn't look like I missed much. It was mentioned that, if Rich Johnston isn't even here, it must be quiet.

Today can't go to the main Expo in Ramada (limited numbers, and you can't get in without a ticket anyway) but shall have a look at the exciting sounding Small Press event then make my way to the Ramada bar in the late hours. See you all there.

Kev F

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