Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Sitcom Trials 10th anniversary season

I have just learned that Declan Hill & Simon Wright are no longer going to be producing The Sitcom Trials (a move which I hasten to add is entirely their own, as I have been more than delighted with the success of their two seasons in the saddle).

This means the onus is upon me to produce the 10th anniversary season in October. The Pitch Fest will be returning, under an exciting new guise, as will the original format with the winners announced at the end of each show. As for other details of the season, in particular the method by which the scripts will be selected, these are under discussion.

Writers, actors and directors who want to be involved should stay tuned to this spot for further details. (Don't email me your photos and CVs just yet, the call will come.)

Looks like the future of The Future Of Sitcom is back in my hands.

Kev F Sutherland
Executive Producer
The Sitcom Trials - The Future Of Sitcom, In Your Hands

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