Thursday, 1 October 2009

Heather Tweed's Abscission

Heater Tweed carried out an artwork installation during the Edinburgh festival this year which was quite frustrating and mysterious. Entitled Abscission (look it up, it does actually mean something), it entailed secreting small artworks around Edinburgh, with instructions for anybody who might find them.

Now being an arch self-publicist myself, I was urging her to Twitter and alert people to these things, and people we spoke to about the work were keen to know where to look for things. But Heather, who is the artist in the family, knew what she was doing and resisted all attempts to turn this into some kind of treasure hunt. So the works went out, no one knew where, and they took their chances on ever being found.

Found they were, and with delightful results. People have found them, photographed them, moved them, rephotographed them. It has been , and continues to be, a very successful conceptual work. An inspiring development from Heather's previous sculptural and installation work, and one that bodes well for the next step her work will be taking.

Most exciting of all, for me at least, is seeing how she's put the work online, using the full interactivity of Google Maps. Click on and you should find a fully marked up map of all the sites of deposited and found artworks. Click on the markers and you find photos and details of finders and works, and zoom in further to investigate the sites themselves.

The full page of photos of found works is at And if I've done this properly, you might see the whole map embedded below. If not, I urge you to follow the online links, Heather's work is worth the visit.

More of her stuff is at, and she's on Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned for what she'll be doing next. Most exciting.

View Lost not Found:Abscission location map. in a larger map

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