Tuesday, 6 October 2009

New Dr Who logo verdict

I like the new Doctor Who logo. It will become iconic so soon you'll forget you ever hated it (if you did).

And, for the fun of it, my fave Dr Who logos, in reverse order

8 - McCoy - even the blind don't like this logo
7 - Davison/C Baker - That typeface is an outline drawing of a metal tube so making the black lines white and glowing is a visual anomaly and jarringly ugly
6 - 2005-09 - It looks like the light on the front of a London taxi cab, and no-one has explained why
5 - Pertwee (no diamond shape) - Not a nice typeface on its own
4 - Pertwee/T Baker (in diamond) - A bit busy, but iconic
3 - McGann movie + Classic merchandise - Best treatment of this typeface
2 - Troughton - Keep it simple, but the serif face not as strong as my favourite logo...
1 - Hartnell - Keeping it simplest, on an enigmatically eerie background

And once it's bedded in, I see the Smith logo creeping into the top half of my faves, rather than the bottom half.

Kev F

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