Monday 14 December 2009

50 Years of my family's Christmas cards

I've compiled a video of 50 years worth of my family's Christmas cards, click the image to play:

My Mum began designing her own handmade cards before she and dad got married and, because she worked as an illustrator and graphic designer, she had access to printing that most people didn't back in the day. So whereas nowadays many people produce family cards using Photoshop and their printers, back in my childhood we were truly unique.

This video collects almost every video from Mum's 1957 solo effort to their 2009 presentation, celebrating along the way the birth, growing up and nest-emptying of my sister and I, and the more recent arrival of their first grandchildren.

See if the eagle eyed among you can spot the card that makes reference to Dad's life-threatening blow on the head from a golf ball (it takes place in the early 80s). Enjoy.

UPDATE: Sadly Dad died just before Christmas 2010 so there was no family Christmas card that year. The tradition was resumed by Mum in 2011 and continues. This website, which I thought had disappeared, shows the cards from 1958 to 2003 in their glory.

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