Monday, 14 December 2009

My Comic Art Masterclasses of 2009

Just counted up how many days of my Comic Art Masterclass I've delivered, at school, libraries and art centres in 2009. In 2008 I did 95 days, and this year - tan tada ta taaaa - I've done a perfect 100 days.

This year I have therefore taught, and drawn the caricatures, of approximately 5000 pupils and students, in such diverse locations as...

Fareham, Gosport, Launceston, Swindon, Stockport, Stoddesdon, Leicester, Halesowen, Birmingham, Porthcawl, Derby, Doncaster, Plymouth, Kilmarnock, Ayr, Edinburgh, Bradford, Isle Of Wight, London, Pembroke, Bishop Sutton, Maidenhead, Hatfield, Stevenage, Wolverhampton, Lisburn, Blackburn, Woolwich, Backwell, St Albans, Blackpool, Bristol, Walsall, Marlborough, Clevedon, Falkirk, Chippenham, North Devon, Cradley Heath, Aldershot, Balerno, Granton, Muirhouse, Corstorphone, Blackhall, South Queensferry, Morningside, Moredun, Kirkliston, Basingstoke, Bloxwich, Devizes, Haverfordwest, Bromsgrove, Reading, Willenhall, Weston Super Mare, Bushey, South Oxhey, Petersfield, Winchester, Portland Place, Welwyn Garden City, Magherafelt Co. Derry, Guildford, and Bewdley. And no doubt somewhere I've missed or written down wrong.

Momentarily self satisfied (though worked out I got paid, for those 100 days work, what some people I know get for presenting one episode of a TV show. So still got to keep thinking about that career.)

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