Monday, 10 May 2010

10 items on eBay to take Socks to Edinburgh

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre are returning to the Edinburgh Fringe this August and right now have a mountain of expensive bills to pay. So, in an effort to raise those elusive funds, we've put 10 unique items on eBay. If you're a Sock fan, we'd appreciate your bids. Some of these items are particularly collectable and valuable so if you know any collectors of comic art, exhibition art, memorabilia or trivia, it would be lovely if you'd alert them to this stuff. Here are the items:

Batman canvas

A large canvas based on Batman, a photomontage collage from Kev F Sutherland's exhibition first shown in Bristol in 2003 and kept in the personal collection since.

Beano original art - Hot Rod Cow does Fantastic Four

A page of original art by Kev F, as published in the Beano in 2006. This page comes in a wooden frame, along with the original page of script, a foamcore board-mounted caption card giving details of the work, and images of the influences on the work and similar homages. This page, from the story Hot Rod Cow (starring Plug and the Bash Street Kids) is a pastiche of the front cover of Fantastic Four number 1, one of many such homages and references I include in my Beano work. This is the first time one of my Beano pages has gone on sale.

Bash Street Kids flipchart page

From my Comic Art Masterclasses in schools, a large illustration of all the Bash Street Kids, produced as part of one of my classes. Signed as part of the artwork.

Hot Rod Cow canvas

Blown up from the first panel of the first appearance of Hot Rod Cow in The Beano as part of a Bash Street Kids Adventure, a large canvas photomontage collage.

Also up for auction for the next 6 days only are:
David Bowie painting from 1980
Ten 'Weeping Angels'
Doctor Who meets Honda illustration, as produced live by the Scottish Falsetto Socks in one of their videos
A newspaper with exclusive Doctor Who cover story
Kev F self portrait flipchart page
Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre props

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