Thursday, 20 May 2010

Mark Millar's Clint comic submissions

Has anyone else been reading the submissions to Mark Millar's Clint comic?

They are of such a high standard that it gives one great hope for the future of comic talent. The artwork is routinely better than the writing (which gives me some hope, ranking myself as a writer more than an artist), and the colouring really is impressive. Having rarely done more than fill-in with colour and never having mastered the potential of Photoshop, I'm put to shame by these wannabes who really know their stuff.

As for where any of these creators are going to get paying work, that is the big question. Having read their submissions online, where every piece of colour art is shown in higher definition than is likely on a printed paper page, I can't see a lot of point in then paying 3 quid an issue to have a hard copy of it.

But I look forward to this weekend's Comic Expo in Bristol giving me the picture of where profitable comics publishing is still going on, so these very impressive talents can go onto the success they deserve.

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