Monday, 7 June 2010

Noise reports a log

Anyone reading this blog will find little of interest. We had trouble with noise from the downstairs neighbours on Friday night June 4th and I kept a live log of it on Twitter. Because Tweets disappear after a while, I am collecting them up here so I will have access to the record when future events occur (which we hope they won't).

It began earlier in the evening, but this was when I started writing:

Oh joy. One of our neighbours is testing the stereo to see if it goes up to eleven. Well. They have been warned...
8.03pm BST (times amended from Twitter time) Jun 4th

8.15pm, the first time downstairs music was so loud it shook our table. So it continues. #neighbours 8:21 PM Jun 4th via web

I'm happy to report our downstairs neighbours are watching Britain's Got Talent. I wonder if Britain also has a volume control? #noise 8:31 PM Jun 4th via web

So now I have video of sound coming thru our floor while our TV's on mute. a) how pathetic do I feel? & b) what am I supposed to do with it? 8:44 PM Jun 4th

We're surrounded. It's a bit like being in the Winchester in Shaun of the Dead. 9:23 PM Jun 4th via web

And on the plus side, BGT resumes in 5 minutes, and the neighbours have spent half an hour getting ready to get louder. Brace yourself floor 9:25 PM Jun 4th via web

If any of our other neighbours are reading this, that sound's coming from the basement. One of us is ill or we would go out and escape. 9:30 PM Jun 4th via web

Now have video* of surface of glass of water being shaken by downstairs' noise. Thanks for the idea #drwho 9:40 PM Jun 4th via web

*NB: I realise bass notes and vibrations don't record well on video, but it gives some idea.

It is like living inside someone else's stereo. At what point do you call the police? #neighbours 9:40 PM Jun 4th via web

Have just been next door. They too are being disturbed by downstairs noise. 9:41 PM Jun 4th via web

Thought for one blissful moment the basement had read Twitter and turned it down. They were clearly just changing a CD. Okay... 9:53 PM Jun 4th via web

@S...d They have 50 minutes. Thanks for the tip. 10:06 PM Jun 4th via web in reply to S...d

@d....d 11pm seems to be the official cut off. 49 minutes and counting... 10:06 PM Jun 4th via web in reply to d...d

@r...tes We've called the cops once before, in 1996. Once every two decades, not a bad hit rate. We'll be patient. 10:07 PM Jun 4th via web in reply to ra...s

Thanks for this tip To everyone who's looking forward to a peaceful night 10:10 PM Jun 4th via web

The good news, they've all gone out downstairs and the noise has stopped. The bad news? Pubs close. #neighbours 10:20 PM Jun 4th via web

Socks fans will realise tonight's return gig in Poole got cancelled. Means I was at home & H didn't have to suffer alone. Alls well that etc 10:40 PM Jun 4th via web

Reassured re our disturbed night by typing "neighbours" into Twitter & reading everyone else's tales of woe. We are not alone. Night all 11:56 PM Jun 4th via web

Downstairs neighbours have turned in @ last after party that started in the afternoon. Must have work tmrw. Now where did I put that hoover? 11:58 PM Jun 4th via web

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