Tuesday, 13 July 2010

3 great reviews in a day

Has the Fringe started early? The Socks just received, or were part of, three rave reviews in the last 24 hours.

There's a 4 star review of the Edinburgh Magic Festival gala in the Edinburgh Evening News, page 24 (can't find it online, but when it does appear it'll be here). It's the show and the Festival that are getting the 4 stars, but we get the last paragraph devoted to us, saying:

"Contributing the stereotypical sawing of a creature in half was The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre. Observing the audience from their very own tartan clad theatre, the pair of socks managed to pull off an audience pleasing riff on Halloween, if not the actual stunt itself." (If you see the routine you'll know that's not the criticism it sounds like).

Then on Edinburgh Spotlight the show gets 5 stars:

"The ‘Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre’ were up next and already winners of the 2009 Edinburgh Festival Insider Comedy Award, they showed everyone what they were all about. They executed a show that literally ‘blew my socks off’. It included funny songs to their own take traditional acts like cutting a ‘lady (sock) in half’. A comical performance that had the whole crowd in stitches, and a great act to throw in amongst the other illusionists."

And then this morning I find a review of our show in Newbury last week, on The British Theatre Guide:

"They are the Morecambe and Wise of the sock puppet world as they lampoon the world of Hollywood with great pace and humour. Kev F Sutherland, who wrote this clever, witty show, skilfully brings the two characters to life as they compete with each other for supremacy... This is a show that delights, amuses and is plain daft fun but above all wonderful knockabout entertainment. Highly recommended." (I've edited a paragraph out the middle, all great though)

So, a fine start to a morning, coupled with which I see we had a small spike in sales of Edinburgh Fringe tickets (did I mention I'm keeping a graph?), which is always good to see.

Kev F & The Socks,
Edinburgh (here for a week working in libraries near Falkirk)

PS: And Doctor Who and The Dominators has just been released on DVD, and I believe the Socks are a hidden extra on there somewhere (not that we get a free copy or anything, hint hint).

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