Sunday 11 July 2010

Touring and the Western

Ee but I'm tired. It's been a bit of a heavy schedule of work and travel for a while, and it's fair leaving me drained. Before I witter on, enjoy this, an item from last year's Edinburgh show that's opened the touring show all season and now goes into retirement for a bit, The Western:

Gradually as I've gone through the Socks touring dates, I've been slotting in new bits of material for the forthcoming Edinburgh show, and the more recent dates have been billed as Edinburgh Previews, so they've supposedly been all new. In fact I still need to write a good ending for the new show, and to tighten up the rest.

Last night in Harrogate The Socks played for 1 hour 10 minutes, trying out almost all of the new material we have while still keeping the last 10 minutes of the touring show. This suggests we have 55 minutes for Edinburgh already, but some of it's not quite good enough. So this week I will be locked up in my monastic cell* writing (*very nearly literally, as for two nights I am staying in Edinburgh University halls of residence, with no wifi and a shared toilet (I'm on a budget) so there will be little else to do but write. And, possibly, feel sorry for myself).

The travelling is possibly the most draining part, not helped by the fact that it is gloriously warm weather by British standards, having been the hottest and driest six months on record, which is not the ideal climate for being stuck in a car with no air conditioning. And how come when you open your windows, your hair gets blown from behind? I don't remember opening any windows in the back of the car. I don't have any windows in the back of the car. And I need a haircut.

But when to get a haircut, or indeed a rest? Since June 29th I've not had a day off (and when I say "off" I mean at home or sat at my desk doing easy stuff like writing and paying bills). From my base in Clevedon near Bristol I've gone to and fro Swindon, Walton in Wilts, Church Eaton in Wilts, Lymington in Hants, West Hampstead, Manton in Wilts, London W1, back to Manton in Wilts, Walsall, Newbury, Tipton nr Dudley, Harrogate, a day off writing in Harrogate sat in the park mostly then Harrogate again, then from packing up show in Harrogate a 90 minute drive to Washington Tyne & Wear (thanks, someone, for closing the A1-bloody-M overnight and adding half an hour to that journey) getting to my hotel after midnight, then up for breakfast and off to Edinburgh where I soundcheck this afternoon for the Magic Festival gala this evening.

Next week is positively restful, with four days in a row doing my Comic Art Masterclass in two libraries per day in Denny, Bonnybridge, Larbert, Falkirk, Meadowbank, Slamannan, Grangemouth and Bo'ness, staying in Edinburgh in the aforementioned monastic cell. Then on Thursday night I have the pleasure to look forward to of driving from Grangemouth to Clevedon in order to work at Clevedon school on the Friday morning. Then Lymington, Hants again on the Saturday. Then Beverly in Yorkshire on the Sunday. Then Dudley Monday, Lancashire Tuesday, Bristol Wednesday, Potters Bar Thursday, Manchester Friday & Saturday. Then - tadaaa - a Sunday off!

My venue for the Edinburgh Fringe is chasing me for the money I still owe them for the forthcoming show. I'm earning that much every four days but somehow am still waiting for it all to come in. I will be rich (enough to pay the bills I already owe, anyway) and very very exhausted by the time the Edinburgh Fringe starts, on August 4th, after which I have the luxury of just doing one show a night, and hanging the future of my entire career on every one of those minutes, some of which aren't written yet. So no pressure.

Oh my, look at the time. I have to hit the road, before it hits me. Laters.

Kev F
Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre
Campanile Hotel
Washington Tyne & Wear

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