Thursday, 28 July 2011

Nothing New Under The Sun: The Dandy

It's always flattering to think you had an idea first and, though I know I've had no influence here, I can't help but spot the similarity between this week's Dandy comic and something I did a few years back. This is the new Dandy:

You see what they've done, emphasising the parodies, spoofs and "mock" aspects of their content, by doing it in the style of a lifestyle magazine. A bit like I did back in 1989 with the Mockery:

Based on the then design of the very popular Q Magazine, I put caricatures of current celebs into a spoof magazine design. This, of course, was just a dummy that never saw the light of print. However the idea did hit the newsstands, in 1991, looking like this:

... which formed the back "flip" cover of issue one of UT comic, the parody spoof comic I edited. It lasted for 18 months and I have fond memories, even if I may be alone in that. The original front cover, which set the template for the rest of the run, looked like this:

UT Comic, more ahead of its time than any of us realised. That's it, nostalgia break over, as you were.

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