Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sitcom Trials Manchester review

"A great chance to see the trial and error of new writing in the sitcom genre."

The Manchester Sitcom Trials was reviewed by Large Manchester. Check it out.

"A great chance to see the trial and error of new writing in the sitcom genre.

Although the five performances felt like a bit of ‘work in progress’, the informal setting and intimate nature of the venue complimented the style.

The comedy centered around endless puns, which the audience met with laughs and some groans, but the enthusiasm of the host and house actors carried this well.

The audience were invited to contribute their own ideas for sitcoms in a mini competition, the star prize resulted in a felt tip pen (ha ha ha). This style of audience participation went down well and the atmosphere inside the small room was jovial and light hearted suiting the performance well.

The event was fast paced, timed well and executed almost seamlessly. There were a few problems with the music, but these were minor and added to the informal feel of the show.

The five sitcoms under the audiences scrutiny were good but not wholly inspiring. The actors brought life into what can be described as a radio-style read through of the material. The show was enjoyable to watch but not entirely memorable."

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