Monday, 16 September 2013

Beano art going to a good cause

When doing my Comic Art Masterclasses I like, if there's time, to fill the flipchart with a nice big drawing, if only it prove that I can. Here's the one I produced at one of my recent classes at Beanotown at the Southbank Centre (don't look for it, it's not there any more):

My Desperate Dan's come out a bit angry hasn't he? (I don't draw him as often as the rest, but it was a treat to resurrect the characters I've put into some of my favourite stories, including my version of Roger The Dodger, who I've always seen as the archetypal entrepreneur, and my Bash St Kids who include, as per Leo Baxendale's original line-up, the be-quiffed and leather-jacketed Elvis).

And I'm delighted to report that this flipchart page has gone to a good cause. Courtesy of one of the parents who was in attendance at the event, this page will be auctioned at a forthcoming event for the family support charity Home-Start Richmond. Glad it's gone to a good home.

As ever, my Comic Art Masterclass is available to come to your school, library, art centre or group, wherever you may be (in the coming months I'm going to Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland, all from my starting point near Bristol, so distance doesn't appear to be an object). By the end of a morning or afternoon, everyone in the class goes away with a comic containing a strip by each of them and an individual caricature by me, and they're learned how to do everything I do for a living so they can grow up, leave school and steal my job. Get in touch to find out more. Tweet @KevFComicArtist, find me on Facebook, or why not try emailing me? Details at

The Dog Did It - comics by kids in Edinburgh masterclasses Aug 2013

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