Sunday 29 September 2013

I Borrowed HItler's Brain - new comics by kids

September's not been the busiest month for Comic Art Masterclasses, but I've done a few including at the last days of Beanotown on the Southbank, a school in Lincoln and libraries in Woking and Dorking. Here are the covers of the comics they produced (can we guess whose schools are doing World War Two this term?) and a smattering of my caricatures of them.

The celebs they chose for the worm-treading demonstration (see the class, it makes sense) were Simon Cowell (twice, and he is currently suggested in 90% of classes, easily beating Michael Jackson as the most popular celeb among schoolkids), Harry Hill, Keith Lemon, David Bowie, Daniel Radcliffe. and Freddie Mercury.

I am, as always, available to give my Comic Art Masterclasses to your kids, wherever they be* (*NB Within reason. I mean if you live on an island in the mid-Atlantic it'll cost, is all I'm saying.) Tweet @KevFComicArtist, find me on Facebook, or why not try emailing me? Details at And have you seen the new video promoting my classes? Go on then, here it is...

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