Sunday, 8 March 2015

Travel notes, Lockerbie to Warminster

It's been quite the week of travelling, starting with a Socks gig in the tiny village of Boreland near Lockerbie. I'd originally booked flights to take me up and back, but had to change that to a long drive when the rest of the week took shape. Cos after Boreland, where I stayed over in a guest house owned by people who ride performing horses...

... I had the opportunity to visit a freezing wet and rainy Glasgow...

.. before jetting to Berwick On Tweed ready for the first of five days in a row in schools (whose end results you can see here). Berwick is beautiful and most photogenic, but for the sake of brevity here's one snap to be getting on with.

In Ripon, before working at the Grammar School and hosting a Battle Of The Books quiz, I had the pleasure of scraping snow off my car for possibly the first and last time this year. I also saw a duck walking through the snowy garden of my hosts. Which was nice.

En route from Tuesday's school in Ripon to an overnight stay with Mum in Kibworth, I passed this fascinating building, which I've stopped at before. Until recently it housed a cafe, and stands beside a service station, but it appears to once have been the gatehouse to a big home. Anyone who knows more about this oddity on the A1, do let me know.

The rest of the week saw me gadding between Kibworth, Peterborough, Harrogate, Clevedon and Warminster, and with fewer sights to snap, I settled for posing cheesily in front of flipcharts. Like so.

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