Sunday, 1 March 2015

Eastenders to Madonna - Facebook & Twitter diary update

When I draw a flipchart from my Kev F's Comic Art Masterclasses I try to draw as many female characters as male. It's not easy, when the kids ask almost universally for male characters. Come on people who were inventing superheroes 50-to-75 years ago, invent more women for them to put in films half a century later!

And while I'm wittering away, surely I've written something worth remembering on Twitter or Facebook?

So the lesson is: Wear Armani and you'll get pulled off.

March 1st. This morning I remembered to say Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits very first thing and, most of my drive, I had a rainbow ahead of me, its foot landing on the bit I was about to drive through. So, if anything goes wrong this month, that's two superstitions scientifically tested right there.

Inspired by David Essex's poems on @5WrightStuff I just wrote one:
When I met John Lennon
He said "nothing rhymes with Lennon"
Then when we were parting he
Said "but even less rhymes with McCartney"

Just bought the new Doctor Who Comic at a motorway services and it's brilliant. The best written and drawn Doctor Who strips I've read in years, perfectly nailing the 3 different styles of the three Doctors. It's £3.99 for 80 odd pages, all comic strip no filler. Isn't that the same price as the much-thinner Doctor Who Adventures?

Paul Gannon: Thanks to Kev Sutherland for his AMAZING artwork - this will be a piece that will be signed by ALL our guests and many of Mark Watson's to auction after the show and raise a little more money! THANKS KEV

 Currently watching Dirty Dancing for the first time ever. Wondered whatever happened to Jennifer Grey, and the truth is sad. The phrase "cut her nose off to spite her face" is the one you're looking for.

Am I being unfair (based on a discussion last night) in saying Mel & Sue are the most famous comedy double act who've never actually been a comedy double act? Presenters, yes, but have they ever done what you'd call a comedy show?

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