Monday, 21 December 2015

Socks Shakespeare Show - What to call it?
  (above, a clip of Well Did You Evah, from Romeo and Juliet. Click to play)

I'm thinking the Socks 2016 show will be Shakespeare based. So I asked Facebook what we could call it. Here are just some of the suggestions that came in.  

Brian Gorman Breaking Bard?
Stewart Perkins Shakespeare in Glove
Dave Williams Sockbeth
Craig Hill Socksphere!
Kevin Nowbaveh Sockspear
Fats Harvis Socks-Pair
Peter Buckley Hill Tights Andronicus
Steven Higgins Pair-icles of socks
Gary Lynch Prose Before Hose
André Vincent Argyle's well that ends well
Ashley Frieze Toe Be or Not Toe Be
Ian Hewett Clothello
Stocking Lear
Too cheap, perchance to seam
Much Ado About Knitting
Scott Tucker Much Ado About Darning
Steve Tracey Much Ado About Stockings
Loves Sock Lost
Two socks, both alike in dignity
Anthony D Lee A midsummer's tight seam
Cliff Chapman Tights, Arse, Androgynous
Wool Shakespeare
Out, Out, Darned Sock!
Benjamin Francis Elliott Et Tu, Boots?
Peter Clack / Fiona Reay The Taming Of The Shoe
Rosemary McIntosh Shysock
Ewan Spence All The World's A Sock
Is This A Sock (I See Before Me)
Let Slip the Socks Of War
Sockspeare's Sister
Two Gentle Socks Of Verona
Kenneth Peter Shinn Two Gentlesocks Of Merino, more like!
Ashley Frieze Two gentlemen of verruca
Shaun Clarkson Two Gentlesocks With Veruccas 
David Spence Twelfth Tight
Colin Noble Merry Socks of Windsor?
Neil Davies A midsummer tights dream
Dave Shelton The Sockish Play?
Oscar Harding Beware The Dyes of March
Richard K Herring Trollius and a sock puppet
Oscar Harding Egads! Forsewth!
Ian Robinson Hamknit
Alan Woollcombe Henry IV, purl 1
As You Crochet It
A yarn! A yarn! My kingdom for a yarn!
All the Wool's a Stage, by Wooliam Shakespeare
Love's Ladders Lost
Declan Hill Is this a ladder I see before me?
Stuart Robinson Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your socks
Stu Munro Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Darned
Jonathan T Jester Falsettostaff and Guildernstein are back?
Davy Francis Toemeo and Juliet?
Craig Graham A hose by any other name...

I've got a few favourites in that list, especially as the sort of subtitle that'll be fun to use in promotion. As for that main title? Stay tuned for confirmation after Christmas.

Scottish Falsetto Socks On Tour

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Chris Hunt said...

Never shake thy gory socks at me!

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