Friday, 29 January 2016

Fat, Fat, Fat, Fat - new comics by kids

This week's Comic Art Masterclasses have seen me travelling from Haverfordwest to Glasgow to Kingston On Thames to Burnley, which is about as close to all four points of the compass as anyone could need. And in all the comics produced by my kids these was one recurring theme - fatness. Quite how this happens I'm not sure. I think it's because I show them the comics produced by other recent schools, and once they've spotted something they identify with, they come up with a similar idea themselves. Last term we had repeated incidences of Pigs and Unicorns, and this season it seems Fat is the new Unicorn.

You can blame Haverfordwest for starting it. Their Fatman and the Jelly Of Truth was certainly the first of the bunch. And you don't have to point out to me the grammatical inconsistence of Invade Of The Giant Ninja from Kingston on Thames.

This would be my favourite of the Fat Men of the week, coming from a school in Glasgow on Burns Night Day (do we call it Burns Day?), it gave me the opportunity to turn the eponymous star into Tam O'Shanter. And another Unicorn, you're never far away from a Unicorn in a class of kids. And, appropriately it's our national animal, so that's nice. Oh, and the dodgy sounding Blackey Chan is the name of one of the kids' cats.

And here's an old favourite back again. First cropping up at the end of 2014, the Vine / stroke / meme of My Name Is Jeff, which was popular among secondary school kids, has now come from the mouth of Year 3s. Fascinating.

The celebrities this eight classes chose, for the infamous Treads On A Worm routine, were reassuringly Simon Cowell-free. They chose Ariana Grande (twice), Ant McPartlin, Michael Jackson, Rita Ora, John Cena, Adam Sandler and - making an early bid for best celebrity suggestion of the year - Pope Innocent.

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