Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Colouring Esther

You know when you say to the client you'll get a job finished by Christmas, and you get back to your desk on January 3rd and you're not much further on than when you said "I'll get it finished by Christmas"? That's me and The Book of Esther, largely because I'm trying not to skimp on the colouring, as a result of which it's taking as long as the drawing itself.

Also not having a tight deadline means that any other job, or indeed distraction, has been allowed to come in its way. On the plus side, it's good to be busy on the first day of the year, and to be doing work you enjoy. Other tasks on my first day at work included get the Christmas tree out of the office window, returning those two pairs of glasses to Manchester Academy, and replying to waiting emails.

On which subject, a much more pressing task is getting my virgin.net email back, which has been broken and inaccessible since October and, despite a number of phone calls to Virgin Media which all end with a promise of being phoned back in 10 days time, I remain without that email. Will I get it tackled this week? Let's see. You can bet that, whatever time I devote to it, will be time robbed from the Book Of Esther which I am dying to see finished so I can write the follow up.

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