Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Animated gifs and Neath Preview

The Socks Superhero Preview in Neath on July 11th was the most surprising for the very fact that it took place.

Having done a Comic Art Masterclass in the afternoon, I was quite prepared for the evening show to be cancelled taking place, as it did, slap bang in the middle of England v Croatia in the World Cup Semi Final, England's most important football match for 28 years. As it happened I needn't have worried. Neath is a rugby town, in the valleys in Wales, and no-one gives a toss about either the English or football, so I got a bigger audience than last week in Harrow. About twice the size in fact.

(Here, have an animated gif. This was my first attempt at trying to look like a 3D lenticular. I'm sure I'll master it in time.)

The Neath crowd was mostly folks who'd seen the Socks before so were very supportive, but also a good test of when material wasn't as strong as the rest. As a result of which I was going through the whole show thinking "this bit goes on too long", and "this is good, we need to build on that", etc.

So we were doing exactly the same script as Harrow, and I'm now sat at my desk script-editing. Having run through the script, and all the prop changes, with the fully erected fully propped socks' set in my office, my various notes go:

Motion Capture - needs tightening
Ang Lee - needs shortening
Batman - needs to build on audience interaction
Various costume changes - need off-stage banter to cover
Joker calling Harley and Ivy - now has a new prop, and is separated into two scenes
Doctor Strange - needs more action
The Kents - need tightening
Falling out scene - needs callbacks
Final Brother scene - shorten
Finale - more callbacks

So, Bedford Fringe on Thursday should get the best script ever. I hope they're ready for it.

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*Winners of the Bath Comedy Festival Lovehoney Best Joke Award 2018

July 19 - Bedford Fringe

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