Thursday, 16 April 2020

Hamlet (The New Book) - work in progress pt 5: Art and Video

Thurs April 16th: The first four pages of artwork for the new book, Prince Of Denmark Street, are complete, pages 62 - 65. (Page 63 above)

I've begun in the middle of the book, as I did with Findlay Macbeth, so I can warm up and find my style without it being too noticeable. I may draw the whole book in order, as I did with most of Findlay, let's see how I feel. I'm happy with how the first four have turned out.

And there's method in the madness of it taking so long to do four pages: I've been a bit busy with video. Firstly I had to prepare for, and do a run through with, Dean Friedman, ready for the Socks do appear on his live show on Sunday night. I know, very exciting. The Socks are getting out for the first time in over a month, and I'm dipping my toe in the water of online gigging.

And having warmed up my various cameras, I sat in front of one and waffled for 15 minutes form this, a Work In Progress video...

I'd thought of doing this for Findlay and didn't. And, to be honest, if filming it, editing it and uploading it distracts me from the task in hand as much as I managed to make the first one do, I might go off the idea. Whatever, let's see if anyone watches it. And if they ask any questions that I might answer in subsequent videos, all the better.

4 pages drawn, only 113 to go. Here, have another.

Friday 17 - Only one new page drawn (p31), largely because of making another work in progress video. The choice seems to be: draw and get lots drawn, or make a video of me drawing and get next to nothing drawn. Anyhoo, here's that video, enjoy. (The versions on Facebook have subtitles, by the way).

Sat 18 - Two pages drawn (32 & 33) plus I made my panorama of Denmark Street in Photoshop for reference.
Monday 20 - Two pages drawn (34 & 35), and a new video made with Steve, and the Socks with Dean Friedman.
Tuesday 21 - Four pages (36 - 39). 13 pages drawn, 105 to go.
Weds 22 - 3 pages (40 - 42)
Thurs 23 - Front cover drawn and logo designed.
Friday 24 - 3 pages (43 - 45)
Sunday 26 - 2 pages (46 & 47) drawn, plus all pages to date lettered and saved as jpgs.

So, after 10 days I've completed 21 pages and the cover, 97 pages to go.

Progress continues to be logged in the next blog. Previous stages can be found here...

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