Friday 24 July 2009

Edinburgh Fringe Preview thoughts

Tonight we have our antepenultimate Edinburgh Fringe Preview show in Bedford. The next two are a matinee in front of kids in Gloucester (so the new sweary song will be missing), and finally an odd one in an unusual venue in Bath, so tonight's will be the last one where I can be sure of a big audience of adults in a theatre. I think we're almost there, with the running order of the show needing adjusting. I'll throw in more new stuff tonight (they'll get James Bond and, hopefully, Silent Movie for the first time) then we'll keep whittling it down and adding gags. But all this time I'm thinking we should have got this far months ago. Then I read Robin Ince on Twitter "off to do a preview at the Perseverance near Marylebone. Richard Herring has nearly finished writing his show making me look quite the idiot". So Herring has only "nearly" finished writing, and Ince isn't even that far on. I think that's reassuring.

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