Sunday, 12 July 2009

Edinburgh Previews

The Socks have started their Edinburgh Preview process, and it's more drawn out than any previous year.

The Preview tradition, which seems to have developed in the last decade, sees comedians setting themselves the challenge of coming up with a totally new show every year for the Edinburgh Fringe. They do this partly for their regular audience, partly to prove their versatility, part as a personal challenge, part to appease reviewers who demand a new show every year, and part to be eligible for the Edinburgh Comedy Award (formerly the Perrier Award).

In year one it was easy for us, we cobbled our best stuff together and just did it. We had 2 previews, one in Leicester and one in Bristol at the Hatchet. It went well, our expectations being low and the result surprising me as much as anyone else.

Year 2 we only had 3 previews, this time Leicester, Bristol and a show at the Bedford Fringe, and the show, made of all-new material save for the opening theme song, only really came into shape during the Edinburgh run. It was better than the previous year, sold more, got better reviews. Suddenly I got to thinking about how much better year 3 had to be, with the spotlight being on us.

So with Year 3 looming we lined up a record 7 Preview shows, and for the first time a them - The Socks Go To Hollywood. (to be continued)...

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