Sunday 12 July 2009

Fringe Previews continued

So, we had 7 preview shows lined up. A week's worth of shows to get it all right, which sounded too good to be true. Lo the first one got cancelled before we'd started.

It was a doorsplit, as many Edinburgh Previews are, run in a venue that doesn't run comedy the rest of the time and, by the sound of it, weren't ready to. So London was to do without a preview. The thing with Previews is that they come at a time of year when, previously, comedy clubs used to just close their doors and give up till September, it being nigh on impossible to get an audience indoors to watch comedy when it's warm and still daylight outside. This year more than most that looks like being a problem.

But our first actual preview went ahead, in the Looking Glass in Leicester, our familiar preview venue of the previous two years. And Leicester didn't disappoint, with a nice sized audience, helped out by friends and family (my Mum & Dad live in Leicestershire). So the only concern was the material, was it good enough? And I'll be honest, I chickened out and pussyfooted a bit, including reliable sketches from the touring show, including Halloween and Kraftwerk, to keep the audience onside. I also tried out two "Cross Channel" sketches: Sex & Politics which has been in the touring show but will be new to Edinburgh, and Superman, which was one "similar sketch" too far.

The material that got debuted in Leicester that looks like staying is Casablanca, Western and the brand new Sweary Song which was a total hit. Sockodile Dundee got some laughs, but not enough. Stuff that is defo going is Halloween and Kraftwerk, they've had their time. The musical sequence is still from the 08 show, and works well but maybe it has to go, just because.

Our second Preview was last night in Milton Keynes and it was brilliant. No Kraftwerk, no Halloween, it was all new (except for the musical sequence towards the end) and featured the world debut of Star Wars as our new finale. Yes, we have an end to the show. Also the Andy Warhol song, which got its laugh. But Sockodile Dundee doesn't quite fit because it's a monologue, so it need turning into a dialogue. And now I'm aware of all those films we don't mention. How to squeeze in Hitchcock, Spielberg, and all the other audience suggestions? We now work on that.

Tonight should have been a Preview in Glasgow, but I had to cancel it because, sadly, I can't afford it. So, the day and evening are devoted to making costumes & props, recording music, and thinking more about those bits of the show that need making perfect.

I realise this diary is of no interest to anyone but me, so thanks for ignoring it.

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