Monday, 10 August 2009

Abscission - Heather Tweed's Edinburgh art installation

Heather Tweed, who some of you will know I've had the pleasure to be married to for many years, is up in Edinburgh working on an art installation project. It's been slighly held up by domestic tribulations, ie our flat back home got flooded the day we arrived in Edinburgh and that needed sorted, but she's still managed to make a start on the work, and this week it will start to kick off in earnest.

She's secreting small pieces in places around the centre of town, in small plastic bags with labels that explain what to do when you find the piece (you can do nothing, leave it somewhere else, text, send a photo, Hev explains it better.)

It's the lead story in the new issue of Edinburgh's Artmag. Read it online at or pick up a copy free at any Edinburgh gallery. Photos of work in progress and more info at Heather's website

There will be clues and alerts appearing soon about where to look for new pieces. Follow @heathertweed on Twitter, and hashtag #abscission

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