Sunday, 30 August 2009

Clang! Namedrop central

Last night was the last of four wonderful Saturday nights that I've enjoyed in the Loft Bar at the Fringe, and like every one before it was star studded with stars. Admittedly it started off quieter, most likely because the TV Festival had attractions on its side of town and the Pleasance had its Awards people together, but the Loft was soon buzzing and I had the most pleasurable conversations with Stephen Dinsdale about comics, and with Iain Morris of Inbetweeners fame about everything, catching up. Also managed chats with Jimmy Carr and Richard Bacon about nothing in particular.

Before the show, which was another sellout (the first one for which I actually bothered to whip out my camera and take a pic of the Sellout blackboard), I met up with Roland Moore and Wanda Opalinksa, Sitcom Trials alumni whose Best Man I also happen to be, and their 6 month old whose name I am rude enough to have forgotten. Tantalisingly, Roland had just been talking with Steven Moffat off of Doctor Who, who I would dearly love to speak to, but I'll have to settle for 2 degrees of separation.

The past 4 weeks have seen similar close encounters with pretty much everyone who's anyone in telly and comedy, and leaves everyone in Edinburgh feeling well connected and successful. Of course when we get home we'll discover it's not like that at all. (Robert Llewellyn posted a drawing on Twitter earlier which showed how it'll be back in the real world: )

Today I have to collect the car from wherever I parked it three weeks ago, and hope it works well enough to drag us home through Bank Holiday traffic tomorrow. One last performance tonight, and I'll suddenly realise how much I miss performing the Socks. Oh how I wish I could take this life for granted. And have I succeeded in selling us to the telly? Not yet, but I like to kid myself I'm working on it.

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