Sunday, 30 August 2009

Comics etc

The most invigorating chat of last night was on the subject of comic books with Stephen (Anorak of Fire, Teak Show) Dinsdale. Will Eisner, Watchmen, we covered them all, and I'm still thinking about comics this morning, triggered off by a Tweet by Oscar who says he's about to buy a Batman graphic novel.

I am so out of touch with comics, I'm just hoping they are as exciting to a new young generation as they were to mine (remembering I teach Comic Art to kids, so you'd think I'd know. But in my experience almost all kids are totally unfamiliar with almost all comics).

When I was growing up comics seemed to move so fast, and every year had a new landmark as big as a new pop music movement. It was like 1979 2000AD goes massive, then next year it's Marvel UK, then it's Warrior, then it's Alan Moore in 2000AD, then it's Frank Miller's Daredevil, Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, The Dark Knight, Killing Joke, Watchmen, Deadline, Viz sells a million, Jonathan Ross opens a comic shop, then before you know it I'm working in comics and it all goes down the pan. But that's really what the 80s felt like, something revolutionary every year.

Is it like that now, cos if it is I'm not seeing it. Someone reassure me that comics are still that exciting.

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