Friday, 16 April 2010

Post gig feelings

After a gig is a funny time. Well, no, not funny is the better way of putting that. In the case of many entertainers, tonight that means me, it's a solitary experience. You're either driving home alone, having fndured the silence of clearing up your props and stuff in that most silent of spaces an empty theatre, or like tonight it's back to a hotel room. Tonight, because of budget constraints resulting from having to book trains to replace my cancelled flights, it's a guest house which has free wifi - hooray - but no remote control for the Tv so I'm stuck watching Full Metal Jacket on Itv whether I want to
or not.

It was a brilliant gig to tonight. Ali Cook in support (actually double bill sorry) went great then the Socks had a perfect one. All improve and adlibs were spot on and they loved the main stuff. Even had a genuine encore. (of course they're all genuine , but tonight the word Encore was used. By the audience ). And it's after a gig
like that that you feel you deserve a drink and a relax. I had the foresight to get a bottle of wine before the show (I was right that such a thing cannot be found after 10.30 in Harrigate) and it awaited me in my room. Hey I've chilled now. Sorry for being so
moany earlier.

Listen my eye stings. Long story but I have an allergic eye all swollen up and stinging. I had to run to Boots this morning to try get eyewash (failed ) with only an hour to spare before my train (it can take an hour to get from my house to the train ) and pack my props up after a couple hours of trying to work out how the hell to get to Harrogate then to Inverness and home if my flights were cancelled thanks to this sodding volcanic ash. Oh whatever I did it I'm here and I'm tired. Tales to tell about trains but too late and I'm on sn iPod in my hotel room and ... Tomorrow vg'night.

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