Monday, 12 April 2010

Travel, don't talk to me about travel

Don't get me started on travelling. How many miles have I done so far this year, with a combination of Scottish Falsetto Socks touring shows and Comic Art Masterclasses? Actually, I don't know. Let's come back to that. First here are the Socks on the subject of travel:

Now, back to my travels. How far have I gone so far in 2010? If there's someone out there who'd like to add it up for me, I'd love to see that total. And if anyone could join the dots on a map, I bet it'd look like someone was trying to scribble out Britain with really violent biro marks.

Here's where I've travelled this year, in order. (Home is Clevedon in North Somerset, which appears inbetween many of the other destinations for obvious reasons).

Wootton Basset > home > Wootton Bassett > home
Bournemouth > home
Cambridge > home
Swindon > home
Weston Super Mare > home (I'm only listing work engagements btw, not days out)
Salisbury > home
Omagh NI > home
Weston > home
Swindon > home > Swindon > home
Weston > home
Leicester > home
Taunton > home
Melksham > home
Hilperton Wilts > home Hilperton > home
Birmingham > home
London > home
Preston > Bury > Aberystwyth > home
Weston > home
Taunton > home > Taunton > home
Farnham > home
Edinburgh > home
Ilford > Swindon > home
Ilford > home
Kilmarnock > home
Barton on Humber > Hull > home
Swindon > home
Salisbury > home
Burnley > Manchester > home
Milton Keynes > home
Weston > home
Poole > home
Halesworth Suffolk > Lowestoft > Harlech > home
Dudley > home
Weston > home
Edinburgh > Inverness > Gairloch > Inverness > Edinburgh > home
Willesden > Hanwell > Willesden > home
Maidenhead > home
Bath > home
Kings Heath > home
London > home
Culmstock Devon > home
Exeter > home
Chorley > Leicester > home

(and still to come this week:)
Swindon > home
South Oxhey > Chorleywood > home
Harrogate > home
Inverness > Castle Skibo > Inverness > home
Dartford Kent

I used to like sitting at my desk drawing comics. Brilliant writer & artist for hire here, as seen in the Beano...

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