Saturday, 3 April 2010

Step Outside Posh Boy - Best Election Poster Ever

Though I have a dreadful feeling the tide is against them and that "my team" in the forthcoming election, Labour, may well lose purely by dint of being the incumbent for so long and through such crap times for politics and politicians, but if anything were to help them to victory, I'd love it to be this.

This billboard knocks spots off Labour's real election posters, which caricature Cameron as Gene Hunt from Life On Mars - talk about shooting yourself in the foot, who wouldn't vote for Gene Hunt? You idiots.

And this poster has the advantage of being a spoof, which means it can't be parodied, as has been the fate of the Tories "I've never voted Tory but.." campaign, which has also suffered from the fact that the best comedians are lefties. Sorry posh boys, but that remains the case. Not necessarily Labour supporters, in these days during which we've learned that no one in any party is above reproach and many representatives of the working class have proven themselves to be self serving greedy scavenging bastards, but generally speaking I would say it is the case the the Left has all the best comics, the Right being the side that produces reactionary and elderly comedy and comics.

I also love this poster because it spells out the class war that, for old lefties like me, still characterises Britain's politics. Even though Blair was a posh boy who sent us to an illegal war and is now as corrupt as a worm riddled orange corpse, underneath his new Labour veneer lay the same old team allegiances, and to a very great extent things have not changed. Posh kids born to privilege wield power over poor kids born to poverty, and that should always be challenged.

Also, Brown could so have Cameron. One head butt while posh boy's taking off his blazer, job done.

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