Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Captain Clevedon is underway

I'm enjoying working on a comic with other artists for the first time in ages. I've allocated pages of the new Captain Clevedon comic to 4 artists who have volunteered to work on a profit share basis (which, we all realise, may mean nobody ever making any money from this) and have started drawing pages myself. It is, to all intents and purposes, a hobby comic and great fun it is too. Obviously I far prefer getting paid to write and draw stuff, but since my Match and Doctor Who work has got thinner on the ground, and the Comic Art Masterclasses and Scottish Falsetto Sock shows are filling up my work schedule, this is as good a way as any of keeping my comic creating side alive. And, you never know, people might actually like this comic when it comes out. Here's a sketch by me from the front cover (background still in production).

Any artists who fancy drawing a slice of his bit of comic book history, email me links to your artwork (don't send attachments).

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