Friday, 24 June 2011

When Businessmen Go Clubbing - more comics by kids

Kev F's Comic Art Masterclasses (and the Scottish Falsetto Socks) have seen me doing some hell of a travelling this week. My new car has an extra 1000 miles on the clock since Monday, from Clevedon via Bourne in Lincolnshire and Harrogate in North Yorkshire. And it's the various primary schools of Bourne that are largely responsible for the comic book covers below. These titles are suggested by the kids in the class, and they've all contributed to the drawings on the cover, a copy of which they take away, containing a strip by every one of them and caricatures of all of them.

These show what is going through the minds of 9-11 year old kids in Lincolnshire on an average day. Zombies, pigs, clowns, hamsters, jelly babies, and business men going clubbing.

Along the way I managed, for the first time in ages, to mistake girls for boys not once but twice at two successive schools. So apologies to Sabrina, who I called "that boy there with all the hair" and Georgia who I genuinely thought was a boy right to the end of drawing her caricature, at which point I had to double check her name (I had earlier referred to her table as "the girls' table" then corrected myself by saying to her "sorry, I realise you're a boy"). Year 6, the year that invented androgyny.

If you'd like me to teach your kids, do please get in touch.

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